Maryanne Haley

Jason is a certified, talented mechanic who can fix anything! He's honest & reliable and is highly recommended. Give him a call....

Susan Grisafe

Had an excellent experience here today! Would HIGHLY recommend Jay for all your automotive needs. SO happy!! Won't go anywhere else.

Deanna Sinsheimer

Jason is a VERY talented mechanic! Has done amazing work on cars, not just repairs, but, modifying racecars, & other great achievements. He knows what he is doing, he is honest, forthright & intelligent! He has graduated with honors from Lincoln T ech & is very modest about his accolades. He is more interested in doing a job well done.
Highly recommend HNR Automotive!

Lauren Melnyk

Jason is a fantastic mechanic who is honest and reliable. He will tell you what needs to be done and won't try to sell you anything you don't need done! Need your car fixed or looked at? Give him a call today!

Chris Tine

Excellent shop!!!! We were told we needed a new motor on our truck Jason looked at it and was able to save us thousands by repairing it! He went the extra mile and explained everything to us. Our vehicles will go no where else ever again but to HNR!!!!

Roger Baldanza

One of the best automotive mechanics in NJ.

Jason is not only an outstanding mechanic he is an outstanding and amazing guy.

I came across his company/shop out of chance. I happened to have the unfortunate experience of getting a flat tire on route 17 north and pulled over into a strip mall which happened to be directly next to Jason's shop.

I walked over to the shop thinking it was only a diesel truck repair shop, they had just opened the week before and still were waiting for their signage to be put up.

As soon as I walked over to the garage I was greeted by Jay and asked if I could use his air to fill my tire. He said no problem as long as I was able to move the car over to his shop.

I carefully drove my car over into his garage and allowed him to first inspect the tire. Which he quickly pointed out the tire was unfillable and could easily explode. He pointed out stress marks around the sidewall which are tale tell signs of the integrity of the tire becoming compromised.

He was absolutely correct, as I walked over to the other side of the car I quickly saw the tire was in fact completely torn open.

Jason quickly provided a great solution after checking my tire size and made a call to his local tire distributor, he confirmed the tire would be delivered and he would have it mounted within an hour.

He offered to mount and balance the tire for a phenomenal deal,

Jason is a young expert mechanic with an entrepreneurial spirit and drive to provide honest and excellent service at a fair and competitive price.

Jason has earned a customer for life! And after you check him out you to will understand how he stands above the rest.

Heather Simpson

Jason is a great Mechanic knew exactly what needed to get fixed and fixed it without charging me an arm and a leg...

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