Your Never Too Low For Us!

Is your car too low to get on the ramp for your shops Alignment Rack?

Here at HNR Automotive your car could be flush with the ground and we will get you aligned and back on the road in no time!

What is an Alignment? While it's often referred to simply as an "Alignment" or "Wheel Alignment," it's really complex suspension angles that are being measured and a variety of suspension components that are being adjusted. This makes an alignment an important suspension-tuning tool that greatly influences the operation of the vehicle's tires.

Out-of-alignment conditions occur when the suspension and steering systems are not operating at their desired angles. Out-of-alignment conditions are most often caused by spring sag or suspension wear (ball joints, bushings, etc.) on an older vehicle. They can also be the result of an impact with a pothole or curb, or a change in vehicle ride height (lowered or raised) on any vehicle regardless of age.

Incorrect alignment settings will usually result in more rapid tire wear. Therefore, alignment should be checked whenever new tires or suspension components are installed, and any time unusual tire wear patterns appear. Alignment should also be checked after the vehicle has encountered a major road hazard or curb.

Most Alignment Racks look like this:

You want one that Resembles this:

Or some form that doesn't require that you drive your vehicle onto it.

If you feel your vehicle is too low for a proper Alignment adjustment, stop by our shop & we'll have your vehicle aligned and back on the road in no time!

HNR Automotive

745 Route 17 North, Carlstadt, NJ 07072

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